Introducing Laser Therapy at the Michigan Interventional Pain Center!

We are excited to provide you with a new, effective and risk-free treatment for acute, chronic and recurring pain symptoms. To add to our growing repertoire of treatment modalities, the Michigan Interventional Pain Center will now be featuring “Laser Therapy”, a newly developed and FDA-cleared, Aspen Laser System Class IV Pinnacle Diode Laser to fight pain and inflammation.


How does the laser work?

The natural light energy of the laser affects cellular activity by stimulating cell growth, increasing metabolism, improving cell regeneration, invoking an anti-inflammatory response (reducing swelling), reducing fibrous tissue formation, stimulating nerve function and the production of endorphins. By penetrating deep into the body with natural light energy, the body is capable of accelerating healing of itself from within, naturally. The result is decreased pain and inflammation and faster healing of joints, muscles and wounds.

What are the benefits of treatment?

What type of injuries can laser therapy help?

If you are one of the 100 million Americans affected by chronic pain, then laser therapy may be for you. Best known for its ability to provide relief for chronic and acute pain, laser therapy also eliminates edema. Each treatment yields greater mobility and allows the body to heal even the most difficult deep-seated pathologies. Unlike many pharmacological treatments that mask pain, laser therapy treats the underlying condition to promote healing.

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